The Power of the internet

It was interesting for me to read this morning an article about Twitter an its powerful influence globally in terms of student riots to being at the heart of wider anti-austerity campaigns in Britain next year as proposed spending cuts gather pace. Disability activists are already using it to trade complaints and protest plans ahead of expected benefit cuts.

As I read through the article I noted one statement by a systems analyst “It’s not that the technology is new this year — it isn’t. It’s that enough people are using it for it to make a difference and that politicians are taking it seriously.”

I thought about the early days of my writing and articles appearing here on the internet which dates back to the mid nineteen nineties.  I reflected on how my recent book has been published using many of the resources here on the internet and then I thought about how the internet has been used by me to create a medical company which has offered people hope where no hope appeared in sight.

As I sit here at my laptop on a cold overcast London morning I have just finished a Skype call with a friend in the US who reported sunshine for the remainder of the day.  Now I shall check recent enquiries from Australia, Romania and India for my medical company from those seeking treatment internationally and refer them to different medical centres we represent throughout Europe and in India.

Later today I shall visit a colleague in North London and we will install software for internet design and I shall develop more websites devoted to my writing, talks and recordings before meeting a colleague of mine from Spain where we initially met here online through a professional group of international researchers.



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