2012 The Year Ahead

For many, besides myself, the year of 2011 was both challenging as well as expansive at many levels.  For the people within many nations we witnessed unprecedented changes.

On a personal note after the publication of the first edition of ‘Life’s meaning for Today’ in October 2010 I had the opportunity to meet in person with people who had read my book of quotes.  One lady told me about her grandfather, now in his early nineties, who she bought a copy of the book as his birthday present.  He sat and read through the book and then established the daily habit of on waking randomly opening a page for the day ahead.  I was to soon learn that many people had, almost intuitively, established the same approach.

During 2011 I continued writing a daily quote for Life’s Meaning and in January 2012 we are publishing not only the second edition of Life’s Meaning but also a Journal for people to complete.

Plans began in late 2011 to create a diary however, responding to a comment I made during a meeting, the publishing team decided that the calendar will be published not at the beginning of the year but part way through so the year spans both 2012 into 2013. Why? For me I realise how at an expansive, energetic level our True Self connection is evolving in a specific way.  The experiences of 2011 prepared us for 2012 and the clear, unprecedented connection which many will make and sustain with True Self is coming about to prepare for 2013.

To support another,


Express their creativity

Express their passion

Express their unique knowing

Express their care

Express their understanding


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