Diamond Jubilee Day One

We have all been watching the weather forecast the past couple of days and this morning I woke early to peer out of my windon and look across at Big Ben.  It has been raining most of the night and I see a mist on a rather cold and blustery day here in Central London.  As I write the fine rain continues to fall and we are all wondering if we shall see a drammatic change before todays Diamond Jubilee Celebrations start early this afternoon.

Weather aside here in London there is a tangible buss and neighbours talk to each other about their plans to celebrate the Jubilee.  As I walk around the past few days I see bunting hanging from windows and in one of the national papers yesterday there is a full page spread of a photograph of Her Majesty The Queen.  Many people have this displayed in their windows.

I have followed the newspaper reporting and watched some of the many television programmes about sixty years as Queen of The United Kingdom and The Commonwealth.  How this young Queen came to the throne in 1952, some four years before I was born in 1956 and how this lady has been a part of my life and the lives of a nation.

What I write about in my work this woman personifies at many levels.  Forget the history of her ancesestors and instead focus on the woman herself.  What this woman has been a part of, all that she has witnessed and most importantly how she has responded both privately as well as publicly over sixty years as Queen. There have been many times where a clear connection with True Self was all that was available to someone in her position.  Yes, there were all of the various advisors including members of her own family but at the end of the day this woman stands alone.  What better person to put forward in modern history to underpin all of the elements of my philosophy of Dynamic Cognition and to see The DC Effect operating so publicly in a persons life.

Rather than walk up the road and wait with all the crowds I have decided that I shall watch most of the ceromony on the television.  However, I might take a walk to the end of the road later to see all the crowds as they begin to gather at The Embankment.  A question of ‘watch this space’ as I prepare to write more over the next few days about this momentous ocassion.



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