Early October Update

The past few months have unfolded many experiences from the second edition of my book being published and the amazing and continuing response to my writing to my preparing this week one hour talks to people in their twenties who are inspired by work.

I was interviewed yesterday by an international journalist who approached me to explore writing either a book about my life or an indepth article.  During our initial discussion, which lasted nearly three hours, it became clear that my work spans many different areas and so she is going away to think through how best to approach her writing about me.

The sun is shining here in London with blue skies after a short rainfall early this morning and I am looking out of the window at Big Ben.  I am sorting out emails and details on the website before leaving London early this evening to travel to Devon to see a close friend and collect the last remaining possessions I have in store with her.  There are copies of journals which I wrote back in 1980 when I was completing my therapy training and it will be revealing to sit with a cup of tea and re-read my personal exploration in my early twenties.

There are also close ties with Torquay where I shall be staying over the weekend in that my grandparents are buried who had such a powerful influence in my life.  So it would appear that the next few days are going to be twofold in what they will be reflecting back to me: embracing the past and then saying a final goodbye to move on to the next unfolding stage of my life.

It is interesting to note how at the end of August I celebrated my 56th birthday.  The friend I shall be staying with who is an amazing writer of poetry asked me before the birthday what age my grandfather was when I was born and I replied 56. Such an insight reflected back to me at the time created a powerful connection at many levels and now, as I write some two months after my birthday there is much that has unfolded at so many levels to enable me to think about and see my life from a new perspective.

I am so looking forward to the groups as well as one on one sessions which are currently being organised and of course to finish the next book Dynamic Cognition – The DC Effect in Your Life in readiness for publication next month.

Big Ben says it is nearly 12 noon and so time for lunch.


One thought on “Early October Update

  1. Well why shouldn’t I comment on my own posts given that it is now nearly two years ago and the time has seen so much unfold for me and at so many levels.
    An important phase of my life has now ended and I am entering what, at my tender age of 57, may prove to both myself as well as those I share with, to be one of the most important parts of my life.

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