The Mayan Calendar 29th October 2012

I have been asked to discuss the Mayan Calendar by a number of people who have attended recent talks and I will admit that the whole subject brings a smile to my face.  Many people are taking a literal view in regard to the date in December bringing an end to the world.  The world we live in is a constantly changing illusion and in DC Effect terms the way in which we explore our multifaceted inner life is partly a result of the multifaceted world of waking illusion in which we live.

So my immediate and clear response is, like many events in both our personal history and the history of the society in which we live the 21st of December this year will shift focus.  Some people will hear about the date that day on their news channels. Others will be watching programmes where people discuss the whole concept.  Some people will observe it in one and others from an entirely different perspective.  In short the event will shift some peoples thinking of how they observe the illusion of their waking life.

What I do hope will happen is that people who have never examined the subjects relating to an end of the world from a metaphysical concept will begin to explore some of the core elements and issues being presented and discussed.  But there are other issues presented to people now that a world recession has hit the headlines.  What are the values by which I live my life?  Are they my values or borrowed without thought from the society or group within society which I have been brought up in?

I clearly remember when I was working with people when they were going through some loss and subsequent transitional change how the event or series of events in their life result in some quite simple and yet startling shifts in both how they viewed an emerging aspect of themselves and their understanding.

From my reading is see that  many ethnic Mayans dismiss the apocalyptic predictions as largely a Western idea.

Rather than the end of time itself, the inscriptions refer to the start of a new era.

And from further reading on the internet I see ‘In times of crisis, the ancient Maya used their calendar to promote continuity and stability rather than predict apocalypse


2 thoughts on “The Mayan Calendar 29th October 2012

  1. Similar to the jewish year of ( thash- mahd) the end of the world did not happened though major shift and changes had occured. The end of the world as we know it up untill now will happen in December, 2013 year with ‘new’ leaders in place for the next 4 years, the economy will recover and a new era will begin. as the articl above had stated this is not an end but a new begining, interesting enough life goes in cycles and it is amazing to see how authentic it is that many years ago they could see how we ( civilization) will emerge from one crisis and move on to a better future. and it is happening all the

    • So the 21st has passed and thank you for your comment here on my blog. I agree with you in the sense of how 2012 was simply a preparatory year for an all important refining year ahead in 2013.

      Whilst the financial economy is one focus another economy of community is stepping forward to create something far greater, almost breathtaking for us all.

      Thank you for your comment on my blog 🙂

      Best wishes for 2013, Steven

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