The Weaving Of Shamanic Medicine Into Ones Life

For some strange reasons wasn’t able to sleep even after a busy day. I decided to make a cup of tea and then return to a warm bed but before doing so, and naturally whilst drinking my cup of tea, sat in front of the computer. Here is the first connection that came up. I immediately thought of how I am working,, almost tirelessly, on creating the next stages of the power of caring community – membership and up pop this wonderful article. Naturally, I had to share. Steven

Contemporary Shaman

b5a5f7d4295948872fd80e861960bae3We are no longer living in the old traditional ways. We can’t go back. It’s like asking the butterfly to return to its cocoon. The laws of nature keep moving us forward into transformation and growth.

The leading governments of the world have a surging pull to go back to old traditional values based on fear that they have no control. The Vatican for example is also stuck in a time warp that does not fit this modern age.

Trying to stuff the butterfly back into its cocoon…. It just won’t regress and in doing that they are preventing what naturally needs to transform. Transformation will happen one way or another, nature will see to it if no one else does.

We may have been part of the old traditional ways in former incarnations and may well be descendants of traditional pathways but we are not our past, nor should…

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