The Crash in Computing and The Online Life

The sun is shining here in London at the beginning of February 2015 and my trusty laptop decided to crash on the first of the month. What an impact and what a review given that increasingly so much of my work now focuses on the virtual world and computing.

There is much continued discussion here on the internet as well as main- stream media such a newspapers and television programmes about how increasing access to the internet impacts on our lives.  Well to be clear not all of our lives given that the highest age consumption group are those in their early twenties.  For them the result is real and imagined isolation combined with unrealistic and thereby distorted views of the world and how they live or attempt to live in the real world.

What can be done about it?  Very little at present. Many have tried to step back but the apparent ‘addiction’ is so great and supported by friends and peer groups not to mention the emotional addiction that such escapism offers in an increasingly challenging world for the early 20’s here in the West.

Then there are another group in their late teens and early twenties whom I have met. They say to me how they can take on ideas relating to personal transformation and equally their view of the journey we like to term life is open and engaging.  They have no problems understanding even the most challenging of ideas or concepts which I put forward.

However there are a small group of those in their late teens and early twenties who don’t think of act like this at all.

When we meet our conversation goes something like this “Wow I can’t believe you are the age you are Steve”

“Why” I ask?

“You understand all and more of what I am saying to you about how my life is now and equally how I see my life in the future”

Sarah said “I am not taking on board the old and outdated ideas which surround me.  No, I am not buying into the illusions that the people create in the various social and press media”

All powerful words and actions.  However as we talked more it became clear how isolated this young lady felt.  Why, because her friends were not of the same mind as herself.

“Where are the same like minded people Steven?” she asked.

“Through my work Sarah I meet many of them in different settings and we have similar conversations to the one which we have just enjoyed today”.


“If I am in contact with this increasing but isolated individuals then what I need to do is be the creator of a community that supports their thoughts and need for action.”

Immediately the wonderful and heartfelt and inspiring title of that seminar I created in 1989 sprung into my mind.  Group; community; coming together – whatever the prefix for THE POWER OF CARING. That began in 2014.

Wednesday 2nd February 2015 and the last remaining online elements are being put into place and so . . . .  watch this space.


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