What January 2013 Holds in Store

I might regret writing this but so far London weather and January has been surprisingly mild.  Today is Tuesday the 8th and I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed since the new years eve celebrations.  In the first few days of the new year I have had many meetings with some incredible people where we share our ideas at an amazingly expansive rate.  There is much for me to complete and I will confide how I am so enjoying the recording sessions which began with the audio book version of the second edition of ‘Life’s Meaning for Today’ and is now expanding at a rate which positively takes my breath away to include a whole host of other recording projects for the rest of this month.

Those involved in the editing tell me how powerful the recording is both in terms of content and my delivery and I have been directed to create an additional recording to be included where I can discuss translating the effects of my quotes into day-to-day understanding and action.

I have had to get used to some amazing feedback from both colleagues as well as friends. What a journey especially when you are 56 years of age. Then there are so many journeys we make – some of them at various points in our lives commonly referred to as life transitions.  Then there are those that seem to almost jump out at a time when we never quite expected such an event, meeting or discussion to unfold. Such is the true reflection of our lives, lived to the full.

To finish here are some quotes created for the second edition of Life’s Meaning for Today http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/stevenwarren#expand_text

As with my readers I have decided to simply open a page at random and include what is reflected back in today’s blog:

“A life lived to the full requires the courage of your mind to trust your heart.

In trusting your heart, with childish knowing even when those around never understand your wisdom.

For now to stay or leave? To find another way? ”

— – – — — — — — — — — — —

” To support another,


Express their creativity

Express their passion

Express their unique knowing

Express their care

Express their understanding ”

— — — — — — — — — — —

Of all my tomorrows

Tomorrows known and unknown

Tomorrows real and imagined

Tomorrows I will believe in from my heart

Tomorrows I shall discard with my mind

Loves I shall know

Loves I shall borrow

Loves I shall cherish

Loves which I shall once more discover in this life “