144,000 Must be Known

From a colleague created today to share with my readers:


So many roads

I have journeyed down

But now I stop

And look around


Good and bad times

I can see

Each experience

Chosen just by me


I have walked through valleys

Dim and dark

I have scaled the peaks

And heard the lark


Who am I?

To stand alone

One hundred and forty four thousand

Must now be known.


Are you one?


The Mayan Calendar 29th October 2012

I have been asked to discuss the Mayan Calendar by a number of people who have attended recent talks and I will admit that the whole subject brings a smile to my face.  Many people are taking a literal view in regard to the date in December bringing an end to the world.  The world we live in is a constantly changing illusion and in DC Effect terms the way in which we explore our multifaceted inner life is partly a result of the multifaceted world of waking illusion in which we live.

So my immediate and clear response is, like many events in both our personal history and the history of the society in which we live the 21st of December this year will shift focus.  Some people will hear about the date that day on their news channels. Others will be watching programmes where people discuss the whole concept.  Some people will observe it in one and others from an entirely different perspective.  In short the event will shift some peoples thinking of how they observe the illusion of their waking life.

What I do hope will happen is that people who have never examined the subjects relating to an end of the world from a metaphysical concept will begin to explore some of the core elements and issues being presented and discussed.  But there are other issues presented to people now that a world recession has hit the headlines.  What are the values by which I live my life?  Are they my values or borrowed without thought from the society or group within society which I have been brought up in?

I clearly remember when I was working with people when they were going through some loss and subsequent transitional change how the event or series of events in their life result in some quite simple and yet startling shifts in both how they viewed an emerging aspect of themselves and their understanding.

From my reading is see that  many ethnic Mayans dismiss the apocalyptic predictions as largely a Western idea.

Rather than the end of time itself, the inscriptions refer to the start of a new era.

And from further reading on the internet I see ‘In times of crisis, the ancient Maya used their calendar to promote continuity and stability rather than predict apocalypse

Early October Update

The past few months have unfolded many experiences from the second edition of my book being published and the amazing and continuing response to my writing to my preparing this week one hour talks to people in their twenties who are inspired by work.

I was interviewed yesterday by an international journalist who approached me to explore writing either a book about my life or an indepth article.  During our initial discussion, which lasted nearly three hours, it became clear that my work spans many different areas and so she is going away to think through how best to approach her writing about me.

The sun is shining here in London with blue skies after a short rainfall early this morning and I am looking out of the window at Big Ben.  I am sorting out emails and details on the website before leaving London early this evening to travel to Devon to see a close friend and collect the last remaining possessions I have in store with her.  There are copies of journals which I wrote back in 1980 when I was completing my therapy training and it will be revealing to sit with a cup of tea and re-read my personal exploration in my early twenties.

There are also close ties with Torquay where I shall be staying over the weekend in that my grandparents are buried who had such a powerful influence in my life.  So it would appear that the next few days are going to be twofold in what they will be reflecting back to me: embracing the past and then saying a final goodbye to move on to the next unfolding stage of my life.

It is interesting to note how at the end of August I celebrated my 56th birthday.  The friend I shall be staying with who is an amazing writer of poetry asked me before the birthday what age my grandfather was when I was born and I replied 56. Such an insight reflected back to me at the time created a powerful connection at many levels and now, as I write some two months after my birthday there is much that has unfolded at so many levels to enable me to think about and see my life from a new perspective.

I am so looking forward to the groups as well as one on one sessions which are currently being organised and of course to finish the next book Dynamic Cognition – The DC Effect in Your Life in readiness for publication next month.

Big Ben says it is nearly 12 noon and so time for lunch.

Diamond Jubilee Day One

We have all been watching the weather forecast the past couple of days and this morning I woke early to peer out of my windon and look across at Big Ben.  It has been raining most of the night and I see a mist on a rather cold and blustery day here in Central London.  As I write the fine rain continues to fall and we are all wondering if we shall see a drammatic change before todays Diamond Jubilee Celebrations start early this afternoon.

Weather aside here in London there is a tangible buss and neighbours talk to each other about their plans to celebrate the Jubilee.  As I walk around the past few days I see bunting hanging from windows and in one of the national papers yesterday there is a full page spread of a photograph of Her Majesty The Queen.  Many people have this displayed in their windows.

I have followed the newspaper reporting and watched some of the many television programmes about sixty years as Queen of The United Kingdom and The Commonwealth.  How this young Queen came to the throne in 1952, some four years before I was born in 1956 and how this lady has been a part of my life and the lives of a nation.

What I write about in my work this woman personifies at many levels.  Forget the history of her ancesestors and instead focus on the woman herself.  What this woman has been a part of, all that she has witnessed and most importantly how she has responded both privately as well as publicly over sixty years as Queen. There have been many times where a clear connection with True Self was all that was available to someone in her position.  Yes, there were all of the various advisors including members of her own family but at the end of the day this woman stands alone.  What better person to put forward in modern history to underpin all of the elements of my philosophy of Dynamic Cognition and to see The DC Effect operating so publicly in a persons life.

Rather than walk up the road and wait with all the crowds I have decided that I shall watch most of the ceromony on the television.  However, I might take a walk to the end of the road later to see all the crowds as they begin to gather at The Embankment.  A question of ‘watch this space’ as I prepare to write more over the next few days about this momentous ocassion.


2012 The Year Ahead

For many, besides myself, the year of 2011 was both challenging as well as expansive at many levels.  For the people within many nations we witnessed unprecedented changes.

On a personal note after the publication of the first edition of ‘Life’s meaning for Today’ in October 2010 I had the opportunity to meet in person with people who had read my book of quotes.  One lady told me about her grandfather, now in his early nineties, who she bought a copy of the book as his birthday present.  He sat and read through the book and then established the daily habit of on waking randomly opening a page for the day ahead.  I was to soon learn that many people had, almost intuitively, established the same approach.

During 2011 I continued writing a daily quote for Life’s Meaning and in January 2012 we are publishing not only the second edition of Life’s Meaning but also a Journal for people to complete.

Plans began in late 2011 to create a diary however, responding to a comment I made during a meeting, the publishing team decided that the calendar will be published not at the beginning of the year but part way through so the year spans both 2012 into 2013. Why? For me I realise how at an expansive, energetic level our True Self connection is evolving in a specific way.  The experiences of 2011 prepared us for 2012 and the clear, unprecedented connection which many will make and sustain with True Self is coming about to prepare for 2013.

To support another,


Express their creativity

Express their passion

Express their unique knowing

Express their care

Express their understanding

Book two is on its way

The month of September is nearly to a close and I am currently working on the second book to be published before Christmas as well as finalise dates for talks.  My first, outside of the UK, will be in Lisbon, Portugal later this week and I can’t wait to hear what the audience have to say.

Since the publication of Life’s Meaning for Today last October I have been literally fascinated by the response from my readers.  Thank you for all for emailing with your experiences.

I will blogging once I return to London at the end of next week – IN OCTOBER – now how did that year pass so quickly?  Please email your answers on a postcard.

The IPower of Caring in Action

The preparation for Christmas and New Year has been hectic but for a series of different reasons this year. I have had a number of demanding situations face me since the 21st of December in my personal life. Within the past few days I have had the immeasurable support of close friends and colleagues during this time and not just emotional but very down to earth support and action.
Since the 21st of this month equally a couple of close friends have faced the self same challenges and we are all acutely aware of some core, fundamental changes for 2011.
Over the holiday period I took time for self for I realised that I needed to be clear with myself so that I could be clear with those around me about how I was now clear enough for my life is 2011.
The recently released book has been exceptionally well received with equally incredible feedback on the content. I am now preparing the second volume which should be complete by February and, of course, the final chapters of The Power of Caring and Your Field of Perception.

Happy New 2011.