Publication of Life’s Meaning for Today

Well the book was published at the end of October and in the month of November I have literally had my breath taken away from some of the feedback!  I think that this sums it up:

Since publication the response has been amazing in terms of peoples positive reactions to the content, especially the way in which many use the pocket book. One lady, who also bought three additional copies; one for her daughter, one for her niece and one for her mother as ‘early Christmas presents’, said how she had learned to use the book on a daily basis.

Anticipating what she was about to say I asked her how she had grown to use my book. “As my day unfolds there may be an event or a thought that I need to understand from a broader perspective. To gain that broader perspective I simply take your book out of my pocket, concentrate on my question for a second or two and then open a page at apparent random.”

“How does the books response fair on average”, I asked.

She smiled at my question and there was a pause before she replied “It hits more than the mark for me every time and at many many levels. In the sense that I immediately take one understanding and then later in the day I reflect and can see yet another angle for me to consider.”

“Then my book is doing all that I had hoped it would in your life” I replied.

There have been emails from people all around the world and many report much the same.  More than one person asking “when is volume two going to appear”.  So, with that in mind I am now preparing material for the second volume whilst getting used to the thought that a volume three should be in offing for 2011.  However, having said all of that uppermost in MY mind is the book I have been working on “The Power of Caring and Your Field of Perception” which has, at least as far as I am concerned everyone, to be published next.

Watch this space for I shall be writing in my new blog here online as a place to share my insights and experiences.


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