The New Year and 2013

The last few weeks have been filled with reflection – both my own and those who share my life.

I talked with many about events as they had unfolded in our year  2012 but the main focus was on the year ahead.  Here, in Europe, we had been told a few months ago that the Euro Zone would collapse but this hasn’t happened.  However what has happened independently of finance is a major shift in perceptions of those individuals – read you and I – who compose these countries.

What does this mean?  We are thinking at an angle – essentially we are thinking differently and whilst there are no conclusions there is a process for us to follow and follow that process of simple honesty we are.

All that was promised didn’t happen and we are waking up to the fact that all that was promised isn’t going to happen.  But happenings are there and it is up to us as individuals to command our lives and accept that the only person qualified to make change – yes, you have it right as you read this far – yes, it is us.